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Stephanie Fung Sin Tung is an accomplished concert pianist and a highly qualified piano teacher with an impressive education background. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Music, majoring in piano performance from the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), and went on to gain her Professional Diploma in piano performance at the renowned Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). Stephanie's exceptional talent and dedication to her craft of being a concert pianist earned her the Molly McAulay Memorial Scholarship in 2008, which allowed her to further her studies in Australia at the prestigious Sydney Conservatorium of Music. She graduated with a Master of Music Studies in piano performance and was awarded two other scholarships, including the 2008 International Merit Scholarship by the Sydney University and the John & Dorothy Vimpani Pianoforte Scholarship by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in both 2008 and 2009.


As a performer, Stephanie has established an impressive reputation both locally and internationally as a concert pianist. She has stood up as a soloist to give Piano Concerto performances with different orchestras in Hong Kong, Australia, and Japan. Stephanie was actively involved in performing Tango music and was invited to give performances with the internationally renowned Bandonio­n player and Violinist from Argentina, Taiwan, and Japan. which had the support of the A­rgentina Consulate General. 


Stephanie's impressive achievements extend beyond her performance career. As a Concert Pianist and Piano Teacher, her students are frequent prize winners at different local and international piano competitions in piano solo and duet groups, and many of them have achieved distinction in piano exams. Under her guidance, some of her students have chosen music as their major study and have been admitted to music schools at different universities and music conservatories in Hong Kong, Canada, and England with scholarships. Many of her students have received music scholarships at prestigious schools like Eton College and St. Catherine’s in the U.K., along with Rutger’s Girls School in Australia.



Stephanie's reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable concert pianist has also led to her being invited to serve as an adjudicator in different music competitions, including the Hong Kong Students Open Music Competition, music competitions held by the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, and international schools in Hong Kong. Her keen ear for music and ability to recognize proper technique have made her an essential part of the adjudication process, ensuring a fair judgment of each student's abilities. This also allows her to prepare her own students for exams and competitions, setting them up for continued success.

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