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When it comes to learning piano, it's not just about hitting the right notes. It's also about improving your performance and truly enjoying the music you're playing. That's why so many are glad to have Stephanie as their teacher. Stephanie has a teaching style that has been proven to produce successful students, whether or not they compete. Stephanie helps her students make dramatic improvements in their skills. And it's no wonder - Stephanie is one of Hong Kong's best pianists, which makes her one of the best teachers in the city. She truly cares about her students' musical education and wants them all to succeed. If you or your child is looking to improve your piano skills and fully appreciate the joy of music, most highly recommend Stephanie. She's an outstanding teacher and pianist who will help you reach your musical goals ​ Stephanie Fung, an experienced piano teacher based in Hong Kong, believes that learning music and playing the piano can be a fulfilling and joyful experience, but it requires discipline, commitment, and determination from the student. Drawing from the German, French, and British schools of music, Stephanie has developed her own teaching curriculum and pedagogical system. ​ While she does prepare stuents for exams and performances, her primary focus is on developing a functional technique, building an extensive repertoire, and fostering the ability to read music fluently. Stephanie's goal is not just to impart technical skills, but to cultivate independent thinking and a deeper understanding of music's connections with other arts, literature, philosophy, and religion. She sees her students as holistic individuals who can develop a genuine interest in music and express themselves through it. Stephanie emphasizes a serious attitude towards learning and encourages students to pursue their interests and talents, rather than forcing them into piano if they have a strong aversion to it. She assigns realistic and tailored homework to facilitate progress, and while exams can be beneficial, she believes that a wider range of repertoire beyond graded curriculums is essential for musical growth and exploration at higher levels.

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Diverse Piano Lessons Catering to Different Ages and Skill Levels

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Stephanie Fung's pupils have achieved remarkable success in various prestigious events and examinations, including earning distinctions, 1st prizes, gold medals, and other top accolades in ABRSM exams, competitions, and festivals.

  • International Grand Champion Japan

  • International Champion Taiwan

  • Winner's in over 50 music competitions in Hong Kong

  • Grad145/150 on a Grade 8 Exam

  • All students achieve a minimum of Merit. Most achieve Distinction


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