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Professional Piano Training Course 

Stephanie Fung offers a comprehensive Professional Piano Training Course that covers a wide range of levels, starting from the preparatory level and progressing all the way to advanced levels such as FTCL (Fellowship of Trinity College London) and FRSM (Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music). With Stephanie's guidance, students will receive top-notch instruction and guidance to develop their piano skills to the highest level.

Chamber Music Ensembles

In addition to individual piano lessons, Stephanie also offers opportunities for students to participate in Chamber Music Ensembles. This includes piano duo, string quartet, piano and strings trio, as well as piano and strings duos. Through these ensembles, students will gain valuable experience in collaborative music-making and develop skills in ensemble playing.


Stephanie is also well-versed in accompaniment and offers her expertise to students of all instruments for performances and exams. Whether it's accompanying a vocalist, instrumentalist, or ensemble, Stephanie provides the necessary support and musicality to enhance the overall performance.



For students interested in pursuing a career in piano performance, Stephanie prepares and accompanies them for International Piano Competitions. She guides students through the preparation process, helping them refine their performances and build confidence on the competition stage.

Ear Training, Sight-reading, and Transposition

Keyboard skills are an essential part of a well-rounded musical education, and Stephanie ensures that her students develop these skills. This includes playing by ear, sight-reading, and transposition. These abilities enable students to adapt to different musical situations and enhance their overall musicianship.


Stephanie's broad experience and knowledge extend beyond the piano. She also offers instrumental coaching and accompaniment for other instruments such as cello, violin, viola, oboe, and French horn. With her expertise in these instruments' repertoire, Stephanie can provide valuable guidance and support to students seeking to excel on their chosen instrument.


Music Theory and Aural Training

Music theory and aural training are integral components of a comprehensive musical education. Stephanie incorporates these subjects into her teaching, providing students with a solid foundation in musical analysis and composition. This knowledge enhances their understanding and appreciation of music and strengthens their overall musicianship.

Exam Preparation

Stephanie is well-versed in various music examination boards, including ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), ATCL (Associate of Trinity College London), LTCL (Licentiate of Trinity College London), LRSM (Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music), FTCL (Fellowship of Trinity College London), and FRSM (Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music).


Stephanie offers masterclasses in piano and collaborative piano repertoire, providing students with the opportunity to refine their skills and receive expert guidance from a seasoned professional.

With Stephanie Fung's comprehensive training program, students can expect a well-rounded education in piano and beyond, preparing them for a successful musical journey.

Stephanie Fung with GASCA Champion Foster Henderson



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