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Stephanie's music school welcomes numerous adult pupils, ranging from complete beginners to music professionals, who seek advanced piano lessons. Some students have prepared for performances, won competition prizes, and achieved distinctions in exams. Others have discovered the joy of playing the piano, improved their skills, and deepened their understanding of music without a focus on performances. Stephanie embraces anyone with a genuine interest in learning piano. ​ An Overview of Diploma Piano Lessons Diploma piano lessons with Stephanie offer a comprehensive approach to help advanced pupils achieve the best possible results. Students will challenge themselves, discover or nurture the joy of music, and play with a spark. The curriculum focuses on advancing technical skills systematically, addressing existing problems and clarifying technical concepts through exercises and repertoire. Students will develop pedaling skills, mental clarity, and accuracy in their playing. They will also learn to free themselves from tension and play without pain, resolving physical issues caused by past injuries or harmful playing practices. Creating a Beautiful Sound One of the goals of diploma piano lessons is to help students develop a rich, beautiful, and varied sound without unnecessary hammering. Stephanie guides students in playing with and without arm weight, depending on the requirements of the repertoire. Effective fingering selection is emphasized, allowing students to understand how it works and choose fingerings individually. Memorization and Performance Skills For students in a performance context, diploma piano lessons focus on improving memorization skills. Memorization offers mental discipline, deepened study, and physical/musical benefits that free the player from constantly relying on the score. Setting realistic goals, gradually building a performance repertoire, and enjoying the journey are essential aspects of progress. Effective Practice and Planning Stephanie teaches students how to practice effectively by establishing fundamental principles, processes, methods, and structured planning. Understanding how to practice efficiently is key to making progress and achieving desired results. By following a systematic and well-planned practice routine, students can maximize their learning potential. Exploring Musical Context Diploma piano lessons provide opportunities to study music history and connect it to the repertoire being studied. Students develop an understanding of different musical styles, logical interpretations, and harmonic, contrapuntal, and formal analysis. By exploring a composer's oeuvre and considering the cultural and historical context, students gain a holistic understanding of the music they are playing. Broadening Musical Horizons Stephanie encourages students to explore various musical genres beyond classical music. By delving into jazz, pop, blues, and other genres, students develop versatility and a well-rounded musical understanding. This exploration broadens their musical horizons and nurtures their creativity. Performance and Collaboration Regular performances and recitals are integral to diploma piano lessons. Students gain valuable experience and build confidence by performing in front of an audience. Additionally, collaboration with other musicians, such as chamber music ensembles or accompanying singers and instrumentalists, enhances musical communication and ensemble skills. Expressivity and Musicality Diploma piano lessons emphasize the importance of musical expression and emotional connection. Technical proficiency alone is not enough; students learn to convey emotions and tell a story through their playing. They develop a personal connection to the music and express their own interpretations. Developing Skills and Knowledge Building a strong foundation in music theory and sight-reading is essential for advanced pianists. Music theory helps students analyze and interpret compositions, while sight-reading skills facilitate efficient learning of new music. Seeking guidance from qualified and experienced piano teachers ensures students receive personalized instruction tailored to their needs and goals. ​ A Lifelong Journey Diploma piano lessons aim to cultivate a lifelong love for music. Stephanie encourages students to continue exploring and enjoying music, even if they don't pursue a professional career. The journey of learning the piano is a lifelong process, and embracing the challenges and joys along the way is important. Stephanie's diploma piano lessons offer advanced pupils a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. With a focus on technical advancement, musical expression, performance skills, and broadening musical horizons, students can achieve their best results and develop a lifelong love for music. Join Stephanie's music school and embark on a transformative journey in piano playing.


Stephanie Fung Sin Tung is an accomplished pianist, highly qualified piano teacher, and adjudicator, holding a Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Music, a Professional Diploma in piano performance, and a Master of Music Studies, recognized for her solo performances, collaborations with renowned musicians, and her students' achievements in competitions and exams.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Music, majoring in piano performance from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)

  • Professional Diploma in piano performance from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA)

  • Master of Music Studies in piano performance from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

  • Molly McAulay Memorial Scholarship recipient for further studies in Australia

  • International Merit Scholarship recipient by the Sydney University

  • John & Dorothy Vimpani Pianoforte Scholarship recipient by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

  • Extensive performance experience as a soloist in piano concerto performances with various orchestras in Hong Kong, Australia, and Japan

  • Active involvement in performing Tango music, collaborating with internationally renowned musicians from Argentina, Taiwan, and Japan

  • Adjudicator in music competitions, including the Hong Kong Students Open Music Competition and competitions held by the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and international schools in Hong Kong

  • Students' accomplishments include frequent prize winners in local and international piano competitions, distinctions in piano exams, and admission to music schools and conservatories with scholarships

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Diverse Piano Lessons Catering to Different Ages and Skill Levels

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  • Teaching piano in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney for 18 years

  • Age of pupils: 3+

  • Levels of pupils: beginners, intermediate, advanced, grade exams, diplomas, degrees, professionals



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