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Stephanie has recently joined the faculty at the Academy of Performing Arts in Hong Kong as a staff member. In this role, she accompanies students in the brass department and helps them with their performances.

Stephanie has extensive experience accompanying professional musicians, including members of the HK Philharmonic, HK Sinfonietta, and music professors from universities around the world. She has also accompanied post-graduate and undergraduate music majors and conservatory students. Stephanie is skilled in providing piano accompaniment for public performances, graduation recitals, jury exams, and auditions.

In addition to her work with professional musicians, Stephanie is experienced in accompanying students who are preparing for music exams, such as ABRSM, Trinity (from Grade 1 to Diploma level), IB Music, and DSE Music. She also helps students with the aural part of their exams, ensuring they are fully prepared for success. If you or your child is preparing for a music exam or audition, Stephanie's expertise in piano accompaniment will be invaluable.

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